Three of the Main Candidates To Replace Lewis Hamilton

For the past few years Lewis Hamilton has dominated Formula One, winning many titles and  proving that he is arguably the best driver in the world. However, with the arrival of new regulations and a number of new stars coming into the sport, Hamilton is likely to lose his throne at some point soon. So, who will be left standing to replace the Briton?

Main Contenders to Replace Lewis Hamilton

Currently there are three main contenders to replace him, namely Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg and McLaren’s Jenson Button. Each driver has their own qualities that make them stand out from the crowd and give them an edge over their rivals, but will they have enough support from the rest of the teams to succeed? Each driver has their own advantages and disadvantages which may make it difficult for them to succeed in their attempts to take over from Hamilton.

It appears that Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel has a massive advantage over the rest of the drivers, mainly because of his experience and results of f1 sports betting. He has won the past three races, including the Monaco Grand Prix, where he was able to overcome Lewis Hamilton in one of the closest races of recent times. Vettel has also been on the podium at several races this season, meaning he has shown that he can take the title with consistency, although it would be a real blow for him if he did not come out on top in Abu Dhabi and Singapore. Hamilton has recently struggled to win in Monaco, but is now sure of his form and confidence in him.

If Vettel has a huge advantage over the rest of the drivers, then it is likely that his form and results will be much better than any of the others, especially as Mercedes are expected to bring a fresh set of tyres to Monaco and be looking to challenge the Briton. Rosberg, meanwhile, has suffered from poor qualifying results all season but has improved his performance and result after qualifying in the third row in his last two races. He is also expected to be on the podium in Abu Dhabi, although it is unlikely to be enough to challenge Hamilton for the title.

Mercedes are expected to bring in new driver Lewis Hamilton for next season – and it appears that they have managed to land their preferred driver, in the shape of British driver Nico Rosberg. Rosberg is the first choice because of his high speed and reliability, which may make him more attractive to sponsors than the likes of Ferrari or Red Bull Racing. Rosberg is considered to be the favourite to replace Hamilton next year, and he will be driving for a full contract next season, meaning he is free to sign a contract with another team in the future if he chooses. Rosberg’s previous team, although it seems that he may end up staying at Mercedes for one more year.

The problem with Rosberg as the new heir to Hamilton is that Mercedes may struggle to keep hold of their lead in the championship, which means that Ferrari and Mercedes could both beat them out. This would leave Button in a position where he may find it difficult to force his way back into a team where he has already had success, especially as Button lacks a full understanding of the Mercedes system. However, Lewis Hamilton remains the most obvious option for the drivers to replace him, and it looks like he will be able to retain his crown when he does get his chance next year.…